Newsweek Names Hess #1 “Green” Big Oil Company

Perhaps this is anti-“green” day on MDN (see our story on the G7 today). We have nothing against people and companies who pretend to be better than the rest of us by saving the planet (“go green”), or saving the whales/polar bears/snail darters/whatever. Knock yourself out if supporting some “cause” makes you feel better/worthy/superior. What we do take exception to are people who want to force the rest of us to participate in your cause. We don’t see anti-fossil fuelers ever showing us how it’s done–how to stop using fossil fuels in their day to day lives. Their come back is that we all have to engage in this lunacy together for it to work. We say–you go first. You show us how it’s done. You show us the “superior” way to save the planet. When it comes to using the “green” banner, what’s really funny to us is when fossil fuel energy companies pretend to be “green” and “sustainable”. We think that’s laugh out loud funny. Here’s the latest example, courtesy of Hess, one of the planet’s biggest fossil fuel companies (and a driller in the Ohio Utica Shale), proud of being ranked #1 among energy companies for being “green” in a ranking by a magazine nobody reads anymore–Newsweek

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