List of Republican Senators Who Voted to Confirm Quigley @ DEP

Last week the Pennsylvania State Senate held hearings and voted to accept John Quigley, who used to work for the anti-drilling PennFuture, as the Secretary of the Dept. of Environmental Protection (see Spineless Senate Republicans Confirm Quigley to Head PA DEP). Inexplicably, otherwise solid, pro-drilling Republican Senators, like Sen. Gene Yaw from northeastern PA, voted to confirm Quigley. Below is a copy of the roll call votes and who voted for Quigley, and the brave four Republicans who voted against. If your senator voted to confirm (a “yea” vote below), perhaps you’d like to make your displeasure known to your senator? We’ve also included a list of the senators and their party affiliations and mailing addresses to make it easy to send a hand written note

Here’s the roll call of who voted to confirm John Quigley as Secretary of the DEP:

Quigley Senate Vote
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Here’s the list of senators with party affiliation and mailing address: