CORNy Letter to FERC: NEXUS Pipeline will Contaminate our Creeks

The anti-drillers who inhabit Oberlin (Lorain County), OH are nothing if not determined. In November 2013 Oberlin voted to commit economic suicide by passing a so-called Community Bill of Rights law, which is nothing more than a ban on shale drilling (see Economic Suicide Avoided in 2 OH Cities but Oberlin Pulls Trigger). Of course so-called “home rule” laws have since been overturned by the Ohio Supreme Court (see OH Supreme Court Strikes Down Home Rule in Gas Drilling Case). The NEXUS gas pipeline is planned to run through the Oberlin area, so a group calling themselves CORN–Coalition to Reroute NEXUS–popped up in Oberlin and surrounding counties to oppose the pipeline. Why? Because it will flow nasty, evil fossil fuels. We call it the CORNy opposition. A member of CORN from the Oberlin City Council has written to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)–which is reviewing the NEXUS project–to say if the pipeline is built, it will “result in the contamination of the streams that produce water for the city’s domestic use.” Just one CORNy lie right after another…

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