The Envrionmental Radicalization of the Anti-Drilling Movement

MDN is beginning to see a pattern. It dawned on us as we were recently listening to several news reports of why young people become “radicalized” and join forces with militant Islamists like those in ISIS (what we used to call Al-Qaeda). People who have become radicalized break laws. They often kill other people. They sometimes commit suicide by strapping bombs to themselves in an attempt to kill others. Sane people have a hard time understanding it. What drives these people to such extremes? What motivates them? Why do kids–some of them from America and other Western counties–become radicalized? Frankly, it usually (almost always) stems back to their childhood. Their heads have been crammed with liberal pap about hating America from a young age. People hate America because they hate freedom. As we were mulling this over, we had a revelation: It’s the same with some anti-drillers. In the same way some young people (and some older people) become radicalized and join ISIS, some are radicalized and join the “green” movement…

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