Group of Kids Sues U.S. Govt to Force Action on “Climate Change”

A truly sad and maddening story, all at the same time. A group of 21 kids, ages ranging from 8 to 19, have been so thoroughly brainwashed by their schools and Saturday morning cartoons that they have banded together and filed a lawsuit in federal court (in liberal Oregon) against the federal government to force the government to “do something” about mythical climate change. OMG! It got hot yesterday–must be we’re burning too much fossil fuels and belching out carbon!! OMG! It got cold yesterday–must be…we’re burning…too much fossil fuels and belching out…carbon?! The answer is always the same–man causes the climate to change–so the question doesn’t really matter. Neither does common sense or actual, real science. The folly is, of course, that since the first Big Bang or Act of Creation or whatever you believe, the climate has always changed. It’s always gotten hotter, or colder, over spans of millennia. Ice ages come, ice ages go. Warm spells come and warm spells go. But climate changers don’t bother with history or science. They just make it up as they go. And so these precious, young, very stupid kids believe the wacko adults around them and have, with the assistance of hardened leftist adults, launched a sue-and-settle lawsuit. What’s a sue-and-settle lawsuit?…

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