Gulfport Drops Lawsuit Against Barnesville, OH Over Water Sale

kumbayaIn 2012, Barnesville (Belmont County), OH signed a contract with Gulfport Energy to sell Gulfport water from the Slope Creek Reservoir for 1 penny per gallon. Earlier this year Gulfport wanted to begin drilling in the area, following a joint venture agreement with Antero Resources. But Barnesville said the water level in the reservoir is too low and wouldn’t sell any to Gulfport, so Gulfport sued and in March the whole matter ended up in federal court (see Gulfport Energy Sues Barnesville, OH for Access to Water in Reservoir). In May Barnesville hired high-priced lawyers from Columbus to help them defend themselves–lawyers they hired using money from selling water to another driller (see Barnesville, OH Hires Costly Columbus Lawyers in Gulfport Lawsuit). We hadn’t heard anything further since that time–the wheels of justice turn very slooooowly. Gulfport still hasn’t given up on wanting to buy the water, but on Saturday they did drop the lawsuit under an agreement with Barnesville (and Antero) to sit down and work out their differences, outside of a courtroom…

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