Poo Lagoon: Turning Piles of Pig Poo into Green Money

Blue LagoonRemember the movie The Blue Lagoon from 1980? It starred Brooke Shields stranded on an island with somebody else (who remembers?, doesn’t matter). At that time it was every young man’s fantasy to grow up on a desert island with Brooke Shields! Since it’s Friday and we’re in a lighthearted mood, we thought we would bring you the story of the “poo lagoon”–as in pig poo. And no, we’re not making this up! Smithfield Foods, operator of nine humongous pig farms in northern Missouri (with 2 million pigs) stores all of the pig poo produced in 88 “poo lagoons” (their words, not ours) where it decomposes and throws methane into the atmosphere like nobody’s business. Methane escaping into the atmosphere drives global warmers into a near-catatonic state of worry that the methane escaping will cause Mother Earth to fry. So in an effort to lessen the angst of warmers, and to make a little coin on the side, Smithfield Foods is using a European technology to harness the methane coming from all of that crap to purify it (get rid of the bacon smell) and sell it…

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