Real Climate Science Discussed in Paris on Dec 7 @ Heartland Conf

You may or may not be aware that the Obama Administration is in league with foreign powers to attempt to strip away our national sovereignty (the right to rule ourselves) under the guise of global warming nonsense–that mankind is causing or about to cause Mother Earth to fry. The way liberal/socialist/communists are attempting to foist this great hoax on the world is at an event called the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP-21), taking place this year on December 7-8 in Paris. All of the biggest global warming hoaxers from around the world will assemble (and party) in an attempt to get the United States to sign a treaty giving up our national sovereignty–and when we do, we’re finished as an independent country. So why should these nutball hoaxers have all the fun? The Heartland Institute has decided to assemble leading climatologists and scientists on Dec. 7 in Paris to discuss some real climate science. Heartland is calling it the “Day of Examining the Data” and will make the “compelling case that an objective examination of the latest climate science shows humans are not causing a global warming crisis.” Love it! Of course mainstream media won’t report a bit of it–because mainstream media doesn’t cover real news any more, they simply report propaganda–what they want you to hear. We have the lowdown on who will present at Heartland’s event–the only real scientific conference being held in Paris on Dec. 7…

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