Rumor: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Will Be Indicted Jan 2 for Corruption

New York State, when it comes to our elected officials, is a corrupt as it gets. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has been on a mission to clean up corruption in the Empire State. Bharara is making a name for himself like another former U.S. Attorney–Rudy Giuliani. Bharara has been extremely successful so far: Both former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (Democrat) and former Senate Deputy Majority Leader Tom Libous (Republican) have been convicted of corruption and removed from office. Currently the former Senate Majority Leader, Dean Skelos, is on trial in federal court in Manhattan and almost certainly will be convicted as well (see our story from yesterday, Bombshell Revelation: Cuomo was on Cusp of Lifting Frack Ban). NY State’sĀ politicsĀ has always been known as “three men in a room” because the Governor, Assembly Speaker and Senate Majority Leader are the power brokers who cut deals that then get adopted. With two of the three men in the room either convicted (or about to be convicted) as corrupt felons, it makes you wonder about the third man–Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Another bombshell revelation: sources are telling the Buffalo Chronicle (a blog site) what has long been rumored–that Preet Bharara will go after Andrew Cuomo next. In fact, three (!) sources have told the Chronicle that Bharara will file an indictment against Cuomo on Jan. 2, 2016. So what does this have to do with shale drilling?…

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