Global Warming Insanity: Altering Mother Nature to Preserve It

We harp plenty on the madness of believing in man-made global warming. Many (we’d say the vast majority) of those who oppose shale drilling and pipelines and anything to do with shale energy object because of their religious-like belief in global warming. They’re so animated by it, so zealous and angry when you say you don’t believe too–they want to throw you in jail (see RIT Professor Says Jail Those Who Don’t Believe in Global Warming). We also make the point that farm animals, and even termites, generate as much or more methane, a so-called greenhouse gas that’s “25% more potent than carbon dioxide” according to the warming faithful, as the fossil fuel industry. The real true believers take that to heart. A serious story appearing in The Economist details how researchers in New Zealand, all worked up about global warming, are injecting cows and sheep with a chemical that will cause them to burp less, thereby releasing less “fugitive” methane into the atmosphere. If it weren’t such a tragedy that grown adults are trying to tamper with Mother Nature in order to save Mother Nature, we’d fall down laughing our considerable rear-ends off. But it’s true! It’s not a joke! These people, who have apparently left their own senses, think they can alter the biochemistry of farm animals so they “emit” less methane. This is how belief in a false religion–the religion of global warming–drives people to do insane things…

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