BP Energy Outlook 2016: NatGas Surpasses Coal by 2035

UK oil and gas giant BP released the 2016 edition of their BP Energy Outlook on Wednesday. BP, being a European company, lards the Outlook up with flowery talk of renewable this and sustainable that. But there are a few facts from the Outlook that slap you in the face: (1) By 2035, across the entire world, 80% of all energy will come from fossil fuels. So much for renewables riding in to the save us all “any day now.” (2) Natural gas is the largest-growing fossil fuel and by 2035 it will have replaced coal as the #2 source of energy in the world. (3) The U.S. will achieve overall energy self-sufficiency by 2021, and oil self-sufficiency by 2030. Another fun fact from the BP Energy Outlook: shale gas will account for 20% of total global gas output by 2035. Read the full report below…

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