The Truth About “Green” Electric Cars & What Really Powers Them

This may offend some, but it has to be said. Electric cars are manufactured to make rich, white liberals feel good about themselves–like they’re actually doing something to Save the Planet. The truth behind electric cars, however, is the opposite of what they believe. The thinking goes like this: “I’ll buy and drive an electric car and by doing so I’ll show all of my rich, white friends just how Green I am.” Here’s the truth: In 2015, 61% of all electricity was produced by either natural gas (31%) or coal (30%)–evil, vile, nasty fossil fuels, in the eyes of the rich, white liberal elites. Another 20% of electricity was produced by nuclear power plants, giving us a grand total of 81% of electricity running in those electric cars comes from “dirty” sources, in the minds of the libs. Do they realize that? Do they know their so-called “green” cars are actually powered mostly by fossil fuels? Another statistic: In 2015, 9% of all electricity in the U.S. was produced by so-called renewables, like wind and solar. Still feel good about yourselves, you dolts? In what can only be considered a laugh-out-loud moment, last week the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released its 19th Annual Comprehensive Environmental Ratings for Vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs) got 9 of the top 12 spots in the ACEEE Environmental Vehicle Rankings for being “greenest.” There’s also a list of “greener” vehicles, and (of course), a list of “meanest” vehicles–those that use nasty fossil fuels and belch out carbon dioxide (the same thing you exhale with every breath). The ACEEE rating is yet another attempt to make rich, white libs feel good about themselves…

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