MDN Subscriber Does Bang-Up Job as Moderator at NE O&G Awards

Charlie Schliebs
Charlie Schliebs

Each year the Oil & Gas Awards hosts an industry summit followed by an award ceremony in various locations across the country. For the past couple of years MDN editor Jim Willis has been a moderator at the summit. However, Jim could not attend the event held last week in Pittsburgh (see Winners of 2016 Northeast Oil & Gas Awards [FREE Access]). So in his place, Jim nominated Charlie Schliebs, Co-founder and Managing Director at Stone Pier Capital Advisors in Pittsburgh (and long-time MDN subscriber), to be moderator. By all accounts from those we’ve corresponded with, Charlie did a magnificent job. His was the one session reported on by NGI’s Shale Daily (see below). We’d like to once again thank Charlie for his willingness to moderate and for the great job he did. We sincerely hope he puts next year’s event on his calendar! Charlie wrote the following post on LinkedIn about the experience…

For those of you who have not participated in the Northeast Oil & Gas Awards and its associated Industry Summit, you should very much consider coming to one or both next year in the Spring of 2017. Here’s why:

This was my second year participating, and the overall event is quite unlike anything else the industry has. John Sabo, COO of one of my guests, Deep Well Services (the Basin’s snubbing expert), commented that the hour long Reception to start the evening was one of the best networking opportunities he had seen in years. The evening Gala Awards Dinner and Presentation is an experience, as the Awards Presentation is the closest thing in the Basin to an Academy Awards atmosphere! Nominated companies generally bring key team members, dressed in black tie and cocktail dresses, and the winners win huge silver trophies in the shape of an oil barrel, to the accompaniment of Hollywood-style lights and music, etc.

You could just see the team building and excitement! It permeates the venue (the excellent facilities of the main ballroom at the Westin Convention Center). Being older than the average guest, I did not stay for the post-Awards reception, but I am guessing that after all the champagne and wine, it was probably pretty good!

Dan Creasey, Andrew Perry, Oliver Bridgen and the rest of the team from London that produce these events in each major oil and gas region in North America do a marvelous job–from pulling together excellent speakers at both the Dinner (PA State Senator Scott Wagner) and the Summit (too many to mention), to every last detail of the event from start to finish.

I am proud to be Judge for the event, and very much enjoyed this year being a panel moderator at the Summit (thanks to Jim Willis of Marcellus Drilling News for suggesting me). My panel made my job easy, as they were spectacular (Marc Payne from Chevron Appalachia, Callum Streeter from EdgeMarc Energy, Keith Mangini from Huntley & Huntley, and Rob Bender from Wellmaster).

Here is a report from Natural Gas Intelligence on my panel presentation: //

Anyone interested for next year, give me a holler, and I will get you connected. All the best to everyone, Charlie Schliebs*

*LinkedIn/Charlie Schliebs (Apr 1, 2016) – Northeast Oil & Gas Industry Summit–Report on the 2016 Edition [3/30/16 in Pittsburgh]