Syracuse U Study Finds Methane Preexists in Most Water Wells

Syracuse UniversityNot long ago researchers at the University of Cincinnati that found fracking in Carroll County, OH taking place near water wells did not affect those wells (see Antis Not Happy with Results of OH Fracking Study They Funded). You would think those who claim they care (more than you and me) about the environment would be thrilled to learn that Mom Earth is not being harmed. But no. The anti-fossil fuel nutters funding the study promptly cut off any more funds for the researchers (see Anti Groups Abruptly Cut Funding for OH Fracking Study). A┬ámonth later and another research study has been released–this one from Syracuse University. The new study, titled “Dissolved methane in Shallow groundwater of the Appalachian Basin: Results from the Chesapeake Energy predrilling geochemical database,” finds by analyzing 19,278 water samples (including samples from wells in Ohio) the same thing the Cinci study found: methane already exists in many water wells, in large quantities, long before any drilling ever happens. That’s bad news for anti-fossil fuelers. Science and facts just keep getting in the way of the fictional fairy tales they tell themselves…

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