Anti Fossil Fuel Fanatics Kick Off 12 Days of Lawless Acts

anarchyIt seems that anarchy is all the rage these days. In vogue. Popular. At least among the non-thinking radical left. Witness Crazy Bernie Sanders and his mind-numbed robot followers. Also witness the radical environmental movement, which whips up emotions among the enviro faithful like a Pentecostal preacher from the back hills. Many of these environmental Nazis are young and haven’t grown a brain yet. But there’s a fair number who are old hippies, burned out from drug use in the 60s and 70s. A group of these dangerous fanatics have begun what they call 12 days of “breaking free” from fossil fuels–a campaign to force law-abiding companies to abandon certain pipeline and drilling projects. The radicals are calling it “peaceful” and “civil disobedience.” However, going by previous such protests, we expect there will be violence associated with this movement–far from the peaceful veneer they hope to project. A number of the most radical, law-breaking groups are behind the effort:, Greenpeace, Climate Action Network and others. Here’s some of the lawbreaking they have planned for 12 days beginning yesterday…

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