EIA: By 2040 World Energy Use Goes up 48%, Fossil Fuels Provide 75%

EIALet’s put this “keep it in the ground” and “we can use 100% renewables now” nonsense to rest, once and for all. Environmentalists–some of them well-meaning (some just stark raving mad) believe fossil fuels are evil and the cause of all sorts of problems. The opposite is true. Fossil fuels are what run this world, and without them, we’d be living in the Stone Ages again. Nothing points out the fallacy and fantasy of ridding ourselves of fossil fuels more than the International Energy Outlook 2016 (IEO2016), released yesterday by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). IEO2016 predicts that energy use across the planet will go up 48% from 2010 to 2040, based on their research. The fastest growing (percentage-wise) power source will be renewables. Yeah! But by the end of that 30-year period, fossil fuels will STILL be providing some three-fourths of all the earth’s energy needs. There is no escaping the fact that fossil fuels will be around, powering the planet, for the next 2-3 generations–minimum. Here’s what the EIA said yesterday…

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