Low Emissions Goals “Out of Reach” Without Shale & Nuclear Energy

Bernie SandersCrazy Bernie Sanders believes that we can just stop fracking for oil and gas, and turn off our nuclear plants, and sing Kumbaya to each other and usher in the nirvana age of Bernie renewable energy. What a dope. The people who support him are bigger dopes (sorry if you’re a Bernie supporter–but you need to wise up, quick). Below is a column that points out that shale gas and nuclear are the PROVEN path to a lower carbon emissions future–not reverting back to the stone ages with everyone parking their cars and turning down the thermostat. Carbon emissions in the U.S. have gone down faster than anywhere else in the world–BEFORE Obama’s idiotic Clean Power Plan and BEFORE any of the draconian measures cooked up by the out-of-control federal Environmental Protection Agency. Why? Because of the dramatic increase in the use of shale gas to power energy plants. And because nuclear powers energy plants. Here’s the story Crazy Bernie doesn’t want you think about (thinking not a requirement to be a Bernie supporter)…

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