Federal EPA’s Radical “Environmental Justice” Program Unveiled

EPA-logo.jpgLast week the federal EPA released a draft of its final Environmental Justice Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 (full copy below). The feds are now seeking comments, until July 7, which they will toss in the garbage can. The EPA is and remains a rogue agency–out of control and drunk on its own power (with a need to be reigned in). What is so-called “environmental justice” anyway? It’s coded language for screwing “rich” companies and giving the money to poor folk. The aims of the EPA’s enviro justice plan are: (1) radically expand “rulemaking”–which means enacting laws without the legislative branch doing it, and then enforcing the cockamamie laws they make up using their own thugs; (2) come down on state and local governments like a ton of bricks, forcing them to dance to the EPA’s tune; and (3) continue to use unrealistic standards to punish companies that dare to make money and provide jobs. That about sums up the EPA’s approach, in our estimation. The EPA gets to make up its own laws and then enforce those laws–bypassing Congress altogether. It is a gross violation of the U.S. Constitution. Here’s a copy of the EPA’s “justice” plan, along with a more “objective” (than we offered) description of what the EPA is attempting with this latest power grab…

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