Is it Time to Prosecute Global Warming Alarmists?

shoe on the other foot
shoe on the other foot

The Attorney General from Massachusetts, Maura Healey, the AG from New York, Eric Schneiderman and several other far-left radicals drunk on their own power are making fantastical claims that Exxon “knew” that burning their evil, filthy, nasty oil and natural gas is causing Mom Earth to warm up, so they’ve been serving subpoenas to Exxon to turn over every piece of communication the company has ever had, so they can build a case against Exxon’s free speech (see NY AG Targets/Accuses ExxonMobil of Lying about ‘Climate Change’). As we wrote, these far-out libs represent the rise of the new Enviro Nazis (see Rise of the New (Environmental) Nazis – Free Speech Under Attack). But what’s this? In a master stroke, another group of AGs have ridden in to town and are using the fossil fuel haters tactics against them. The argument being used by the haters is that knowingly covering up global warming from burning fossil fuels is tantamount to committing fraud–and they’re threatening lawsuits based on fraud. The new group of AGs is saying hold on there a minute. If it’s fraud to minimize the effects of global warming, why wouldn’t it also be fraud to overstate the case? The new group of AGs is dropping the not-so-subtle threat that they may go after “green” companies (and individuals) who intentionally overstate the effects of so-called global warming. Love it! Rub their green noses right in it! Below is a copy of the letter sent to the haters telling them to back off Exxon Mobil and other fossil fuel companies…

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