Radicals Try to Bully Stanford into Divesting Fossil Fuel Stocks

Stanford UniversityAnti-fossil fuel crazies have found a new cause: force investors to dump their investments in the oil and gas industry. The crazies hope by doing so that public companies like Exxon Mobil will crash and burn–and remove fossil fuels from the energy mix. It’s an LSD hallucination–but there you go. (Note: Many in the fossil fuel divestment movement are burned out hippies.) The crazies have tried this with a number of liberal colleges. The dolts who run Syracuse University fell for it (although they didn’t have much in the way of fossil fuel investments anyway), while New York University rejected calls to divest, calling such a strategy irresponsible (see Syracuse U Divests from Fossil Fuels, NYU Says “Irresponsible”). The crazies tried it with liberal bastion Cornell University–and Cornell said nyet (see Cornell University Rejects Fossil Fuel Divestment Scam). A recent study found that divesting from fossil fuels would cost investors billions of dollars (see New Study: Fossil Fuel Divestment Leads to Financial Fiasco). But still the crazies solider on. Their latest target? Stanford University. Some of Stanford’s well-endowed alumni are refusing to donate until the university divests. What will Stanford do? Cave to the crazies? Or hold firm? They have no one to blame but themselves. After all, Stanford “educated” them…

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