Join MDN in NYC for SNL’s Analyst Training in the Power and Gas Sectors

KC_PGAT_250x125_2016The electric power and natural gas sectors are increasingly joined at the hip, as we observed in January (see Natural Gas and Electricity in U.S. Joined at the Hip). According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, natural gas has eked out coal to be the number one source of fuel powering electric generating plants in the U.S. MDN currently has 208 stories related to natural gas and electric generation (see them here). Billions of dollars are being spent just in the Marcellus/Utica on new natgas-fired electric plants (OH example: List of 7 Announced NatGas-Fired Electric Plants Planned in Ohio). Yes, natgas and powergen together is a big, hairy deal. So when MDN editor Jim Willis spotted a training seminar dedicated to the topic of natgas and powergen, SNL’s “Analyst Training in the Power and Gas Sectors,” a 2-day training event in New York City on August 8-9, 2016, he just had to go. And so he is! Jim is inviting MDN readers (analysts, investors, traders, others) who work for investment firms, banks, consultancies, engineering firms and other related companies to attend too. MDN has a number of subscribers who are based in New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Washington who should attend this event. Be forewarned: it’s not cheap. But Jim considers it to be the best possible training you can get on the topic of natgas and power generation. Here’s the details…

Analyst Training in the Power and Gas Sectors provides a comprehensive foundation as you build your career in the power and gas sectors. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to keep pace and be able to leverage the constant flow of data and sector developments. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from people who work in this industry every day – from the fundamentals of the markets to financial and credit analysis to capital markets and much more.

Key Topics Include:

  • The power value chain: generation, transmission and distribution
  • The natural gas value chain: transportation, storage and distribution
  • Assessing the credit quality of power and natural gas companies
  • Analyzing the financial statements of companies in the sector
  • Valuation techniques and analytical tools
  • Strategies and tactics by which power and natural gas companies access and manage capital
  • Macroeconomic trends affecting earnings and returns in the power and natural gas industries
  • The impact of federal and state regulatory forces

Find out more, including a list of expert speakers, price, location, and a link to register:


P.S. Jim would LOVE to meet up with MDN subscribers at the event! Drop him a line if you decide to register and attend: [email protected]