Rally in Support of Finger Lakes Propane Storage Facility

propane storage at Seneca
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Late breaking news: Tomorrow (Thursday), Aug. 18 there will be a rally to support Crestwood’s Finger Lakes LPG Storage Facility planned for the shore of Seneca Lake. The rally will be located at the entrance of the facility, at 3768 NYS Route 14 North, Watkins Glen, NY at 4:30 pm. The New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation continues to obstruct this vitally important piece of infrastructure. The facility planned would store LPG (liquefied petroleum gas, or propane) in a depleted underground salt cavern. Anti fossil fuel wackos have been protesting continuously for the past several years. Many of them have been arrested for illegally blocking the entrance to the facility. Here’s your chance to show up and show your support for the facility, and send a loud and clear message to Andrew Cuomo that enough is enough. Here’s the details for the rally…

Rally in Support of Finger Lakes Propane Storage Facility!

WHEN: Thursday, August 18, 2016 -Rally begins at 4:30 pm PLEASE arrive anytime after  3:30 PM

LOCATION: Entrance to the Crestwood Gas Storage Facility, 3768 NYS Route 14 North, Watkins Glen, NY

DURATION:  about 1 hour


In an attempt to expedite the approval process by NYS DEC, Crestwood is making the following voluntary concessions in its proposal to store propane in salt caverns in the Town of Reading:

·  Reduce storage capacity from 2.1 million barrels to 1.5 million

·  Store only propane in the salt caverns, instead of propane and butane

·  Eliminate one of the two proposed brine ponds and include only one small pond west of State Route 14

·  Ship propane in and out only by pipeline, removing both railroad and trucking options

Crestwood describes these changes in a letter to the DEC and said the changes reduce the scale and environmental impacts, (potential, actual and perceived) of the project, responding meaningfully to the concerns of those participating in the issues conference and by stakeholders outside of the DEC proceedings, and will result in further avoidance or mitigation of the impacts.

On Monday August 8, 2016, the Schuyler County Legislators passed a resolution of support for the revised Crestwood project. Crestwood remains committed to building this facility with Local Union labor under the existing MOA between Crestwood and the Southern Tier BCTC. In return, they need our help pushing this proposal through the political process. The first step will be this rally of support.

PLEASE make every effort to attend along with “Working Men” (and Women!) friends so we have a large presence at this rally. Please wear shirts with your union ID if possible.

The press will be invited and if you or any of you want to speak, let me know.

We have 100 signs for the event that say:

In addition to the Trades, Union members from the United Steel Workers (USW) that work at US Salt, and many other members of the community plan to attend. Crestwood is working on ensuring adequate parking is available. I look forward to seeing you there.


David Marsh, Business Manager Laborers International Local 785