IPAA Launches Campaign to Defeat EPA Methane Regs

Yesterday MDN reported on the scorching remarks by two U.S. Congressman with regard to the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s rogue actions to try and regulate oil and gas drilling by imposing new methane emissions regulations (see Congressmen Blast EPA Over New Methane Regulations). Let’s keep the heat on. The premier organization representing independent oil and gas drillers is the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA). The IPAA is at the forefront in fighting the EPA to defeat these draconian new regulations. According to the IPAA (quoting the EIA), these new regulations would make marginal oil and gas wells unprofitable to operate. Those so-called marginal wells represent 15% of all the natgas produced in the U.S., and 20% of the oil produced. Can you imagine what would happen to prices if you suddenly shut down that much production? No, the Obama EPA doesn’t think of things like that–and that’s the problem. Or if they do think about it, they certainly don’t give a fig. The IPAA sent around a letter outlining their game plan for fighting the EPA’s draconian methane emissions regs. Huddle up–here’s the plan…

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