Maine Wants Marcellus Gas Bad – Plans to Get it via Canada!

Gov. Paul LePage

The only Republican New England governor, Maine’s Paul LePage, is also New England’s smartest governor. He knows New England residents are screwed bigtime without new sources of abundant, cheap, clean-burning natural gas–for heating and to produce electricity. LePage also understands the best place to get that gas is from the low cost Marcellus/Utica region–just a few hundred miles away from his state. The problem is that Maine’s neighbors have killed the only practical way to get that gas into New England–via pipelines (see MA Supreme Court Ruling Endangers New England Gas Pipelines; NH Regulators Veto Access Northeast Pipeline Contract; and CT Latest New England State to Give Up on NatGas Cooperation). But LePage isn’t ready to give up just yet. Perhaps his neighbors all want to commit economic suicide. Let them. LePage is floating an ingenious idea. It’s kind of a “going around your elbow to get to your thumb” plan, but hey, whatever works! LePage wants to run Marcellus Shale gas up into Ontario, Canada, then across that province into Quebec and from there on into Maine. The plan, which bypasses the rest of New England, is not as far-fetched as it first may sound…

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