OH Gov Kasich May Veto Misnamed ‘Tax Relief’ for Utica Drillers

“The Nerve”

Ohio Gov. John “foreigner hunter” Kasich has been hellbent for leather to tax Utica drillers more, over the past, what? Four years now? He’s wanted to hike the existing severance tax in a bid to give away driller’s money to other people–like a good Democrats and RINOs do (see OH Gov Kasich the Bully: Accept My 6.5% Tax or Risk a 10%+ Tax). So image how it must have galled Kasich to learn that a bill he’s about to sign, or veto, has provisions “slipped in” that clear up language regarding tax exemptions for the oil and gas industry (the nerve of those lawmakers!). Ohio state auditors have taken advantage of unclear language to “aggressively” go after oil and gas companies over legitimate tax breaks they receive under Ohio law (to not pay taxes on equipment used directly in producing oil and gas). Lawmakers want to end the tax witch hunts by clearing up language, and Democrats and RINO Kasich are trying to position the issue as a “tax break” under which up to $264 million would have to be refunded to Big Oil. It’s nothing of the sort…

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