The (Un)Civil Disobedience of Anti-Fossil Fuel Extremists

With the election of Donald Trump, climate change radicals became unhinged. They’ve always been liars–predicting the end of Mom earth “in the next 10-15 years” for the past 40 years or so. Their predictions never come true. First it was global cooling–we’re all going to freeze. Now it’s global warming–we’re all going to toast. And of course it’s always mankind’s fault. If you deign to disagree and ask them for objective, science-based (not theoretical model-based) evidence, they call you “climate denier” and run around to gather up kindling to burn you at the stake. Their rabid and irrational beliefs are now leading to violence–witness the “protests” in North Dakota over a simple pipeline. Enough is enough. Robert Bradley Jr., founder and CEO of the Institute for Energy Research, recently published a great column on the Forbes website in which he skewers climate change radicals, calling them out for their outrageous accusations and their (un)civil disobedience. Give it a read–we promise it’s worth the time…

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