Trump Taps Corp Raider Ichan as Adviser on Regulatory Matters

Carl Ichan – corporate raider and living fossil

You know we find corporate raider Carl Icahn detestable. Corporate raiders buy just enough stock in a company to throw their weight around. Raiders pressure management to offload important assets, and fire scads of people, all in an attempt to make the company “meaner and leaner” which is a euphemism for boosting the price of the stock so they can turn around and sell that stock and line their own raider pockets–as Ichan did with Chesapeake Energy, Cheniere Energy and others. We find it disgusting. You also know we have, from the beginning, supported Donald Trump for the presidency. We’ve made no secret about it. So we found it somewhat distressing that yesterday the Trump team announced that Icahn will be an unofficial adviser to Trump “on matters of regulatory reform.” Trump and Icahn have been friends for years, which explains the pick. Look, no one is perfect. We’re not ready to dump Trump. We’re sure this won’t be the last time we disagree with The Donald. We’re just expressing our displeasure in Trump’s pick of the odious fossil Icahn to advise him. The problem is, Ichan will advise Trump on reducing regulations that have the potential to personally benefit Ichan’s own investments. We secretly hope this is the one time biased mainstream fake media pressures Trump enough to change his mind…

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