New Report Shares Key Insights from 100+ Qtly Earnings Reports

Quarterly earnings calls are a great source of industry information, particularly during the question & answer sessions, when analysts help breathe life into stale earnings press releases by asking questions that many times force managers to go off-script. They are also excellent ways to check on the competition, and to “channel check” by seeing how different parts of the value chain are performing, such as oilfield service, E&P, and midstream companies. MDN highlights these calls from time to time, extracting salient comments. A typical earnings call lasts an hour. Unless it’s your business to listen to these calls, who has the time to review them all? We’ll tell you who: NGI (Natural Gas Intelligence). NGI’s research department is top notch, lead by former Wall St. analyst (and MDN friend) Patrick Rau. As he does each month, Pat (and other NGI analysts) have just sat through 100 earnings calls (over 200 hours!). Each quarter, going back years, Pat and NGI’s analysts have created a concise report that summarizes the main/big/wickedly interesting points to come from these calls. Normally that quarterly report is for internal purposes only–for NGI’s sales and journalistic arms. This time, however, NGI has decided to publish it. Among the companies analyzed in the “4Q16 U.S. Oil & Gas Earnings Report: Research & Analysis” report are some of the biggest and best in the Marcellus/Utica, including Chesapeake Energy, EQT, Halliburton, Marathon, Range Resources, Rice Energy and Williams. This is an important report that will help you make sense of the oil and gas sector–where it’s at right now, and where it’s most likely heading in the coming year…

4Q16 U.S. Oil & Gas Earnings Report: Research & Analysis answered these questions:

  • How much do consensus WTI and Henry Hub forecasts differ from NYMEX through 2020?
  • What might slow momentum in the fast growing Permian Basin?
  • Who will lead offshore activity out of the abyss, if it happens at all?
  • What are the latest developments in pipelines out of the Appalachia?
  • What’s new in the U.S. LNG market?

Plus many more questions are answered.

In a nutshell, NGI has aggregated, fused, and refined their conclusions from nearly 100 earnings calls (and more than 200 hours of work) into a straightforward, easily-digested 40+ page report.

We should point out that fourth quarter earnings reports also include results from the entire year. So Pat’s analysis not only covers 4Q16, but all of 2016, as well as previewing what companies are saying about 2017.

How do MDN readers get a copy of this report? Glad you asked! It costs $79 and you can download it here right now:

NOTE: MDN editor Jim Willis also works, part-time, for NGI. However, NGI has not paid Jim to promote this report. Jim is promoting this report because (a) he knows Pat and the fantastic work he does and how much others will benefit from “borrowing” Pat’s brain, (b) he believes this report is truly valuable to MDN readers, especially those who invest in the oil/gas sector and those who work in it. Jim does not promote products and services he does not believe in. Period.