M-U’s Next Mega Project: $10B Appalachian Storage Hub

In May 2016, MDN brought you the news that a researcher at West Virginia University believes a natural gas liquids (NGL) storage hub is what the Marcellus/Utica region really needs (see WVU Researcher Says Marcellus/Utica Needs an Ethane Storage Hub). According to Brian Anderson, director of WVU’s Energy Institute, without ethane storage (and pipelines) the Marcellus/Utica region risks seeing its abundant ethane leave the area, mostly heading to the Gulf Coast. We need that ethane here, in our area. Kevin DiGregorio, executive director of the Chemical Alliance Zone, has also taken up the cause, writing an opinion article in which he says West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky need to band together to build such a project (see WV, OH, PA, KY Should Cooperate on $10B NGL Storage Hub). You mean, set aside their competitive natures and cooperate? Yes! Why? Such a project will cost an estimated $10 billion–far more than a single ethane cracker project. No one state can do it on its own. It will take all our states cooperating to pull it off. It’s time to turn the spotlight on this project. The Appalachian Storage Hub Conference is coming on June 15 in Canonsburg, PA (Pittsburgh). The conference will take a stab at moving the ball down the field in making this critical project happen…

From the event website:

Explore the next regional mega project

The Appalachian Storage Hub is a $10+ billion infrastructure project that will allow the chemical and downstream sectors to grow synergistically, leading to an economic revitalization of the Appalachian Basin. The shale gas revolution has delivered, with billions invested in the region, providing low cost energy and feedstock. That has resulted in a dramatic 50% increase in downstream chemicals investment such as the multi-billion dollar Shell ethane cracker. This is just the beginning!

You will discover:

  • Why a storage hub is critical, and how it works
  • Behind the scenes progress to date in funding, siting, and permitting
  • Critical next steps
  • Types of products and services that will be required for this mega project

You will have unique networking opportunities:

  • Key regional governmental decision makers
  • Natural gas exploration and production companies
  • Midstream gas companies and suppliers
  • Downstream Chemical producers and other manufacturers

The storage hub sits at the confluence of all of these sectors. To maximize opportunities an open back and forth dialogue is critical. All sectors will benefit from the storage hub and all are needed to support rapid development of this regional mega project.

That is the unique perspective this conference offers. Key players and sectors will all be present.

Why you need to attend:

This is the first conference to specifically address the regional economic infrastructure platform of the decade. Help shape the future and establish relationships with those driving this mega project.

For more information, and to sign up to attend, click here: https://www.appastorage.com/

A useful primer detailing what a storage hub is, how it operates, and where it may be located: