Energy Cos. Hedge Bets in WV Senate Race, Donate to Both Sides

Something we find distasteful, but a fact of political life, is that the energy industry is playing both sides of the isle when it comes to making campaign contributions in West Virginia’s U.S. Senate race. Up for reelection next year (2018) is Sen. Joe Manchin, a former WV governor. Manchin, a so-called moderate Democrat, ran to fill the seat of Robert Byrd when he passed away while in office, in 2010. Manchin ran again two years later for a full term, in 2012. When it came down to voting based on principle or party regarding the issue of overturning a midnight-before-he-left-office-Obama-onerous-methane-regulation, Manchin chose party (see Methane Repeal Fails in Senate as McConnell Falls a Vote Shy). To be fair, three traitorous Republicans abandoned us too–John “crazy” McCain, Lindsey “Grahamnesty” Graham (disgusting man), and Susan “spineless” Collins. However, Manchin could have changed the vote–and he chose to sell out. He’s not on our favorite list. But, the oil and gas industry can’t seem to give him money fast enough in his reelection bid. On the other hand, some in the industry are also giving money to his main Republican rival (Evan Jenkins) in what will be a hotly contested seat. Some are giving money to both candidates, presumably to curry favor with the winner. We find the practice revolting. Choose a candidate and back him (or her). Let the chips fall where they may…

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