Huntley & Huntley Targets New Drilling in Westmoreland County, PA

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It’s been a few years since MDN has written a post about seismic testing. Typically before land gets leased and drilled on, drillers will contract with seismic testing companies to conduct a mapping survey of the land. The survey does not show the surface, but rather the sub-surface–a kind of “x-ray” of what the rock layers look like deep underground. Drillers then use that information to determine the best places to drill. Seismic surveys, like every aspect of drilling, is not without controversy (see our previous stories about seismic testing here). Folks understandably have concerns. Will the survey company use dynamite charges? Will they use those big “thumper” trucks? Will it affect water wells? Sewer lines? All legitimate questions. On Monday city officials from Lower Burrell (Westmoreland County), PA asked a lot of tough questions of seismic contractors hired by Huntley and Huntley to map the township–presumably (and the point of this post) so that H&H can soon apply for permits and commence with new drilling in the town. Here’s how it went…

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