Must-Attend 37th Annual IOGANY Summer Meeting

We all know that currently, New York State is closed for business when it comes to shale drilling (see After 6+ Years, Andrew Cuomo Bans Fracking in New York). New York is also closed for business with regards to interstate gas pipelines (although that may soon reverse, see Constitution Pipeline Still Waiting on “Biggie” Court Decision). You might think the oil and gas industry in New York has all but shriveled up and gone away. You would be wrong. There is still drilling, AND fracking, in New York–with vertical/conventional wells. Gas still flows through New York via pipelines. Yes, Cuomo has been a disaster for the state in general, and for the oil and gas industry in particular. But here in NY we’re cut from tough cloth. We’re fighters, and we’ll keep fighting until justice prevails. All of which brings us to the point of this post: The Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York (IOGANY) is hosting their 37th Annual Summer Meeting in July, at a resort in western NY. We’ve had a look at the agenda (below) and it’s loaded with great sessions. There’s even a few sessions that feature speakers from Pennsylvania and Ohio. You see, we’re al part of a larger industry. What happens across the border DOES affect us here in NY–and vice versa. We New Yorkers continue to prepare for the day when fracking (and pipelines) will be legal once again. If you have an interest in the Empire State and its vast oil and gas reserves (including Marcellus and Utica reserves), you need to attend IOGANY’s Summer Meeting. Here’s the details…


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