Saudis, Others Cuts All Ties with Qatar – LNG Opportunity?

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The following story intrigued us, not the least of which because it has the potential to affect the Marcellus/Utica region. Out of the blue, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain have all “cut ties” with the country of Qatar. That includes shutting down pipelines that flow LNG and natural gas out of Qatar. Why? Because, they claim, Qatar supports “extremism”–by which they mean terrorism. This is truly rich. All of the countries cutting ties have their own issues in supporting terrorism. So if they accuse “one of their own” for doing the same thing, how much worse must be Qatar? There is another interesting aspect to this story–related to the idiot Al Gore. Gore and a couple of his ultra-rich buddies started a cable television channel in 2005 called Current TV. The channel flopped, big-time. So Al and his buddies sold it in 2013–to Qatar. Well, actually it was sold to Al Jazeera, the official Qatar state-run media agency, owned by the ruling family of Qatar. Qatar didn’t want the channel, which they immediately threw in the trash. They wanted access to all of the cable systems the channel was running on for their Al Jazeera station. Yeah, you don’t hear about it much, but Al Gore sold his TV channel to terrorist-friendly Qatar–for $500 million. Back let’s get back to the Marcellus. Both Egypt and the UAE are “highly reliant on Qatari gas via pipeline and LNG.” With those lines now cut for the foreseeable future, it opens up a new market for Marcellus/Utica gas to be exported to Egypt, the UAE and perhaps others…

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