Status Report for 9 Key Northeast Gas Pipeline Projects

Important, large users of natural gas to produce electricity are states that hypocritically either ban or try to greatly limit fracking. For example, 55% of electric power comes from natural gas in the six New England states. California gets 60% of its powergen from natgas. New York? We get 57% of our powergen from natgas. Florida gets a whopping 67% of its powergen from natgas. There’s only one way states along the Eastern Seaboard (New England, New York, Florida) will continue to get the gas they need to create electricity: pipelines. A recent article in Forbes highlights the critical and urgent need for pipelines in the Marcellus/Utica region. A handy chart of 9 key projects is included (see it below, great chart), outlining when each project is likely to go online. Hint: all but one of the nine will be online by the end of 2018–with several online by the end of this year! The northeast natural gas great pipeline buildout is on the way, and states like New York, Florida and the New England states should bow down and kiss the ground that pipelines are getting built…

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