Trump Decision on Leaving Obama Paris Climate Treaty Due Today

If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. Put another way, if you commit your country to a “treaty” without getting Senate ratification (an illegal act, which Obama did with the so-called Paris climate treaty), then your successor can uncommit. And that, dear reader, is what we earnestly hope President Trump announces today at 3 pm. We extensively covered the Obama railroading of the horrible Paris agreement–that disadvantages the United States–from the beginning (see Paris Climate Treaty Signed by Obama NOT Binding on U.S.). For a while, it seemed as though Trump, who as candidate spoke against the agreement, would reverse course. If the leaks are accurate, that fear is unfounded. As we previously covered, Big Business (including some Big Oil companies) wants Trump to remain in the Paris deal (see Why does Big Oil Continue to Support Horrible Paris CO2 Treaty?). Our thought on that: Those are the same Big Businesses that supported Hillary Clinton for president. Why would Trump listen to them? He shouldn’t. Trump needs to listen to those of us who put him in office and dump this insidious treaty. The one fact mainstream fake news sources refuse to cover: U.S. carbon dioxide output is falling–without this agreement–due to the use of more natural gas. Why should America pay even MORE taxes–to the rest of the world–as called for in the Paris agreement? We shouldn’t…

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