The Real Russia Scandal: Russia Funds U.S. Anti-Fracking Groups

We’ve been listening to fake news about a supposed connection between Russia and the Trump campaign for so long now, we’re ready to puke. It’s a totally fabricated story without even an allegation of wrongdoing. Fake news outlets like CNN run this garbage endlessly (so we’ve been told, we NEVER watch CNN). So perhaps you can forgive us for not highlighting and bringing you this news before now. There IS a Russia scandal–a serious one. But it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. The real Russia scandal is that Putin and Russia have been funneling millions of dollars to U.S. Big Green groups, like the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, in an attempt to smear and block fracking in the U.S. Russia is funding these efforts not because they care a scintilla about the the environment (come to think of it, the Sierra Club doesn’t care about the environment either, not really). No, Russia is funding anti-fracking efforts by Big Green as a way of eliminating competition for Russian oil and gas. If they can throw some money at the nutjobs in our country, and if those nutjobs can convince unthinking masses to go along, problem solved for the Russkies. Here’s the lowdown on the REAL Russia scandal…

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