Perverse Corporate Raider Calls EQT Plan to Buy Rice “Perverse”

Barry Rosenstein – JANA Partners

Corporate raiders buy just enough shares of stock in a company so they can put one or two members on the board of directors and control the company. Once a raider gains control, he fires a bunch of people, sells a bunch of assets, declares the company “healthier” and the stock price goes up. Once the stock price jumps, the raider then sells his shares at a profit and moves on to the next victim. That’s how disgusting, PERVERSE corporate raiders work. So imagine our outrage at reading comments by corporate raider Barry Rosenstein, of JANA Partners, who is trying to stop the merger/buyout of Rice Energy by EQT. Rosenstein calls the deal “perverse,” nothing more than a way for corporate executives to boost their own salaries. Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, don’t you think?…

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