EIA: Gas & Oil Will Dominate Energy Mix for Next 20+ Years

Last week our favorite government agency, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), released its annual “International Energy Outlook 2017” (full copy below). What does the report show? EIA predicts energy consumption is set to increase 28% from 2015 levels by 2040–in a little over the next 20 years. To meet this huge uptick in energy, EIA predicts fossil fuel use–led by natural gas and oil–will continue to account for about 77% of energy consumption through 2040. So much for the renewable nirvana future we’re always just a year or two away from (according to Al Gore). Fossil fuels will remain the #1 fuel of choice by the world for the next generation, and almost certainly the generation after that, and the one after that. Do you now see why drilling for oil and gas in shale is so vital to the future of not only our country, but the world? According to EIA, most of the growth in energy consumption (and fossil fuels) will come from China and India. Here’s the lowdown on what’s just around the corner…

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