Liberal Short Seller Says Shale Oil & Gas on “Road to Ruin”

Ever notice how liberal mainstream news organizations, like CNBC, call someone “renowned” when they echo the media narrative of the day? Such is the case with an investor, Jim Chanos, who is betting against the shale industry by short selling–taking stock positions that bet stock prices for shale companies will go DOWN. So this big-time investor bets against shale, then gives a talk at a big-time financial industry conference in New York to trash talk the shale industry, hoping he can create a run (down) against the stocks he’s bet against. Anyone else see a huge conflict of interest here? And then lib-central CNBC comes along to give this guy a megaphone to spew his trash talk of the shale industry. Welcome to Wonderland, Alice. A day after CNBC ran their segment on Chanos trash talking shale, Harold Hamm, CEO of Continental Resources (great guy) showed up on CNBC asking, “Who is this guy?” One of the stocks Chanos focused on trash talking was Hamm’s company. Hamm’s point was/is “renowed” investor Chanos is a nobody, at least nobody most folks have ever heard of. Hamm rips him a new one, revealing that Chanos made big bets the price of shale stocks (particular that of Continental) would go down, and when they didn’t, Chanos scrambled to try and talk them down…

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