Corp Raider Slinks Away After Losing EQT Fight; Selling Stock

On Monday, Rice Energy was merged into EQT, creating the largest onshore natural gas producing company these United States (see Out with the Old: Rice Energy Sign Comes Down Day of EQT Merger). The $8.2 billion deal was first announced back in June (see EQT Buys Rice Energy in $8.2B Deal, Becomes #1 Gas Producer in US). There was plenty of drama along the way to the deal getting done–primarily opposition by evil corporate raider Jana Partners, in collusion with Atlas Energy (see Proxy Fight: Jana Partners, Atlas Tries to Stop EQT/Rice Deal). Jana was fresh off from helping Amazon take over the Whole Foods grocery store chain. Yet somehow EQT was able to vanquish Jana’s efforts to stop the merger. How did EQT do it? We went behind the curtain yesterday to share EQT’s winning strategy in defeating Jana (see EQT’s 4-Pronged Strategy for Defeating Corp Raider Jana in Rice Deal). They way corporate raiders work, as we’ve explained many times before, is to buy enough stock in a company to get a board seat, then agitate in the board room, forcing the company to layoff people and sell assets–all in a bid to make the stock price pop so the raider can sell their shares at a handsome profit and move on to the next victim. Disgusting organizations. Since Jana lost face and reputation by not stopping the EQT/Rice merger, they’ve decided to slink away, back into the darkness. We spotted a story that says Jana has already sold a portion of their EQT stock–and they continue shop more of it. They’ve thrown in the towel on EQT and will now go pick on someone else to destroy…

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