Prominent Enviro Proposes “Climate Dictatorship” based on China

You often read on MDN of our disdain for “radical” environmentalists and the “Big Green” organizations that do so much harm to our economy, our liberties and our way of life. Occasionally we’ll get an email asking, “What do you mean by radicals?” or “Who is Big Green?” On a regional scale we’re talking about THE Delaware Riverkeeper, various Mountain Keeper organizations, [fill in the blank] organizations against pipelines. On a national scale it’s the odious and evil Sierra Club, Food & Water Watch, National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and a variety of others. Behind the curtain, pulling strings by donating large sums of money, are people like Mamma Teresa Heinz Kerry (Heinz Endowment), billionaire leftie Tom Styer, the Rockefellers, etc. What interests us is most is that at their core–whether local flakes or California billionaires–is an irrational hatred of fossil fuels. The mythology that mankind is catastrophically causing the earth to warm is their rallying cry–and their “righteous” cause is to stop it, by any means necessary. Since their pathetic ideology cannot and will not gain traction with enough people in a free society to enforce the changes they want on the entire population, these people often tip over into fascism and/or Communism. In their heart of hearts they seek to overthrow free democracies. How do we know? One of them, a European, has just admitted it–for all the world to see. Jørgen Randers, professor of “climate strategy” at BI Norwegian Business School–a mainstream climate guy–is calling for a “climate dictatorship,” along the lines of the Chinese government. You know, do it right–like the people responsible for the Tiananmen Square massacre. That’s how professor Randers wants to handle those of us who are “climate deniers”…

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