Webasto – Saving Marcellus/Utica Trucks Big Money and Time

Winter has arrived here in the Marcellus/Utica. Keeping a truck idled for hours at a time–just to keep it warm or to get it warmed up before driving–is a waste of money. It’s also harmful to the environment (lots of nasty diesel emissions). There is a better way–the Webasto way. Webasto designed and manufactures an ingenious solution, a tiny little device like a motor, that will heat up the fluids in a truck, meaning you don’t have to start it minutes and hours ahead of time just to warm it up. They even have a device that will keep the cabin warm–without running the truck’s engine! How clever is that? MDN is delighted to bring our audience a new sponsor/advertiser: Webasto. Never heard of it? You may actually have one of their systems in your equipment and not even realize it. They’re responsible for the technology behind Engine-Off heating solutions–improving driver comfort and engine performance for all types of vehicles. Webasto was founded in 1901 in Germany and remains headquartered there. However, it is truly an international company, with operations around the world, including here in the U.S. There are a number of subsidiaries and divisions within the company. The part of the company that has become an MDN sponsor manufactures technologies, like heaters, used in big trucks (see it here).

Obviously not all MDN readers are interested in technology that keeps trucks warm in the winter. But there are a number of trucking companies, and fleet managers, who subscribe to and read MDN. Companies that work in the Marcellus/Utica region. We have some information you need–information that will (a) save you BIG money, (b) improve your environmental record, and (c) lower maintenance costs for your trucks…

A couple of videos to show off what Webasto can do for you. First up, let’s pre-heat those engine fluids, BEFORE you start the truck:

Let’s keep the cab warm for the driver, WITHOUT having to idle the engine:

Yes, Webasto is a paid advertiser and yes, we are being compensated to promote them to the MDN audience. But hopefully you know by now that MDN would not accept their money and their sponsorship–unless we believe in their products and their company. We wholeheartedly endorse them and recommend them to those in our audience that run trucks.

You can find out more, and contact them for a demonstration, on this page: