Illegal Russian LNG Tanker Delayed, but Still Coming to Boston

Gaselys tanker on the way to Boston

We previously told you about an illegal shipment of Russian LNG coming to Boston, for use in New England to alleviate a natural gas shortage (see Confirmed: LNG Coming to Boston on Jan 22 is Illegal Russian Gas). The U.S. slapped the Russian Yamal LNG plant, located in the Arctic, with sanctions following Russia‚Äôs moves against the Ukraine several years ago. Those sanctions make it illegal to receive gas produced from that plant. So shippers “whitewashed” the gas by unloading it in the UK, and a few days later, reloading it on a different ship–the Gaselys. The Gaselys was, at last check, heading at full speed for Boston. Then the ship suddenly stopped and turned around in the middle of ocean, with new instructions to go to Spain. Then it turned around again, to head back to Boston. The people who own the shipment said the U-turn was to avoid foul weather–that the shipment will still go on to Boston. As near as we can tell, the Gaselys has not yet landed. We just wanted to keep this story alive because it is so outrageous. Vladimir Putin is laughing at us right now. We have enormous amounts of fracked Marcellus Shale gas that could/should be going to New England, instead of buying LNG from a sanctioned Russian facility located in the Arctic…

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