NYT, Boston Globe Delve into Russian Gas Coming to America

The more we read about and dig into the story of Russian gas coming to Boston, the angrier we get. Just yesterday we told you that a rumored second shipment of Russian gas may be heading to Boston (see 2nd LNG Tanker with Russian Gas Coming to Boston?!). We have more details about the story. According to a New York Times article, in 2014 then-President Obama slapped sanctions on the “financiers and producers of Russian oil and natural gas, not the output.” Russia, at that time and since, has tried to “destabilize eastern Ukraine” with an ongoing occupation of Crimea. Sanctions against the financial services and energy sectors followed. Vladimir Putin (one of his cronies) was building an LNG export plant in the Arctic–Yamal LNG. The sanctions were aimed at stopping the plant from getting built–but it got built anyway with the help of Chinese banks. Yamal’s very first shipment of LNG recently left the facility and (as we previously outlined) was offloaded for a couple of days in the UK (see Confirmed: LNG Coming to Boston on Jan 22 is Illegal Russian Gas). What we still don’t understand is this: How can you impose sanctions on the financers and producers, but not on the outcome, the production (gas) itself? That seems crazy. We still think the gas is illegal–but nobody in D.C. (wake up Trump Administration!) is doing anything to stop it. Regardless of whether or not the shipments are illegal, even the far-left libs at the Boston Globe think this is nuts. It is humiliating (and an outrage) that sanctioned Russian gas–the VERY FIRST SHIPLOAD–is now being unloaded in Boston Harbor…

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