Canadians Adopt Draconian Methane Regs, Which is Good for U.S.

Unless they walk it back, the country of Canada may well have just shot its very large oil and gas industry in the head. How? By adopting new regulations that aim to cut methane emissions in the oil and gas sector in half by 2025. The problem is, Canada has no idea of how much methane the industry actually emits now. “Half of what?” is the question. But radical antis don’t let a little thing like actual measurements and real science get in the way. They already have an answer–they’ll simply make it up. They plan to “model” it, fantasizing about how much is emitted now, and then demand a cut of half that amount. All of which favors the U.S. oil and gas industry because (so far) we haven’t tipped over into lunatic methane regulations the way the Canadians just have. It was certainly tried under Obama (via the courts and the EPA), but under Trump, methane reduction edicts from the federal government have been walked back. Perhaps when Canada realizes it’s about to literally jump off a cliff and lose an entire industry, they’ll walk their regs back too. If not, oh well! We here in the U.S. will be more than happy to take over the markets previously served by the very dead Canadian oil and gas industry…

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