State Attorneys General Now for Rent in NY, Other “Blue” States

We get pretty exercised over the ongoing abuse and total corruption of our justice system at the hands of Democrat Attorneys General who have sold access to their offices to Big Green funders. We previously told you about a pair of new reports shining a light on corrupt AGs in New York and other states, abusing their offices in an attempt to criminalize fossil fuel companies (see Corrupt: Dem Govs, AGs Sell Their Offices & Power to Big Green). AGs can only make so much mischief on their own. They have budgets that control how many staffers they can hire. In order to circumvent those hiring limits, Big Green groups are funding lawyers and assistants to help AGs sue fossil fuel companies–and they work right in the AG’s offices! If it’s not outright illegal, it’s certainly grossly unethical and it should be illegal. And yet the practice continues. The Wall Street Journal recently took aim at this practice, and the Clear Energy Alliance released an awesome new 5-minute video explaining this evil practice.

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