Bluescape Pulls Strings Installs New CEO, COO at EXCO Resources

Note: Thanks to a sharp MDN reader for pointing out that EXCO is NOT a wholly own subsidiary of Bluescape. Our mistake! The two companies are, however, tightly working together. We maintain, however, that Bluescape is pulling the strings after purchasing 5.9 million shares of EXCO stock.

We’re not sure how we missed it, but somehow it had escaped our attention that EXCO Resources, with 145,000 net acres in the Marcellus Shale, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bluescape Resources Company. We’re not sure when that happened. Bluescape, judging from their website, is an investment holding company–the money behind other companies like EXCO. The Bluescape website says they own 330,000 net acres in the Marcellus. Since Bluescape does no drilling of its own in the Marcellus (we checked our own Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook), it leads us to conclude EXCO isn’t Bluescape’s only investment/subsidiary in the northeast. Over the past few weeks, EXCO has experienced a shake-up in upper management, with Bluescape pulling the strings. At the end of 2014, EXCO suspended dividend payments for shareholders–never a positive sign (see EXCO Resources Suspends Dividend Payments to Shareholders). Also in December, the company appeared on Debtwire’s “Distressed Watchlist” (see 4 Marcellus Companies Debut on Debtwire’s Distressed Watchlist). In February, EXCO was listed on “The Oil Company Death List” (see 19 Oil/Gas Companies on “Death List” – 8 are in Marcellus/Utica). So it should come as no surprise that EXCO has both a new CEO and new COO over the past two weeks…
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Prolonged Well Flaring in Nicholas County, WV to End May 31

Three gas wells drilled in Nicholas County, WV last year began flaring gas, or burning it at the wellhead, on August 28, 2011. They’re still flaring and those who live close enough to see the orange glow at night have had enough. WV state law limits gas flaring to 30 days per year for each well, but the driller, Bluescape Resources Co. (BRC), says with no pipelines in the area it has been necessary to continue the flaring. They also say the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) knew about their flaring plans and told BRC no special permits would be needed for extended flaring. The DEP has given BRC until May 31st to end the flaring. The DEP has also assessed a $50,000 fine.

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