Archive for May 10th, 2010

Members of Landowner Group in Broome County, NY Receive First Payment for Lease Deal

Stop the press: There’s actually been some GOOD news from New York State on the drilling front. Inflection Energy has just issued payments to some 130 residents in the Town of Maine (Broome County, NY) to secure drilling rights to their land, when/if drilling ever begins in New York State. The deal, announced in February, […]

Wall Street Journal Predicts Shale Gas Will Rock the World

Today’s Wall Street Journal includes a special section on energy, and the lead story, taking up the entire front page and continuing inside, is titled, “How Shale Gas is Going to Rock the World.” The article is written by Amy Myers Jaffe, a Fellow in Energy Studies at Rice University. Ms. Jaffe writes a stellar […]


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