Fair and Balanced Column on Drilling in Philly Inquirer

Philadelphia Inquirer (Oct 8):
Daniel Rubin: Hard to extract consensus on natural gas

A very fair and balanced piece by Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Daniel Rubin. In fact, a delight to read with some very good information. Mr. Rubin recently attended a meeting hosted by the League of Women Voters, who had invited people on both sides of the drilling issue to speak. On the pro-drilling side was Stephen Rhoads, chief lobbyist for the state’s oil and gas industry. Rhoads shared some excellent information, including how much taxing extraction in Pennsylvania would actually raise ($26 million this year), and how many active natural gas wells there are in PA (329 hydrofactured gas wells right now). He also said the gas industry will provide 174,000 jobs in PA at an average salary of $60,000 per year. Be sure to read this article.