Philadelphia Inquirer – In a Snit Over Rendell Aide

Philadelphia Inquirer (Oct 8):
Editorial: Drilling for friends

A snarky editorial with a snarky title from the lefties at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Actually has me laughing with a smile on my face. 🙂 The self-righteous anti-drillers are outraged that a top Democrat has defected from government to work for industry–in this case an aide to Gov. Rendell who was the governor’s point man on drilling in the Marcellus in Pennsylvania. He’s gone to work for (gasp), an energy company that’s drilling in PA. The anti-drillers see it as a betrayal and hint there may have been payoffs involved. For shame! Payoffs in the Rendell administration? Say it ain’t so. Shocking, I tell ya.

Anyway, MDN finds it very amusing that the Inquirer never says a peep when top Democrats defect (either at the state level or federal level) to take high paying jobs with lobbying firms. It seems only people like Karl Rove (who left the Bush White House to work for Fox News), and people on the right deserve their righteous indignation. Oh, and Democrats who flip and start to work for “the other side.”

Like a said, puts a smile on my face.